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Graham Diedrich grew up in Bath Township, just outside of Haslett. He attended Haslett Public Schools with his twin sister. Raised by a single mother and a close knit family, Graham was taught the important values of hard work and compassion. Brought up by a family of educators, he was exposed to the difficulties and rewards of education from an early age.

Diedrich family

During high school, Graham was a member of the Haslett Viking Marching Band and strengthened his education by taking several Advanced Placement classes. He is appreciative of the education that was afforded to him, and today strives to make quality education accessible to everyone. It was also during this time when Graham started to become politically active. He attended the Women's March on Lansing and the March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C. Graham also began organizing for causes related to the European refugee crisis abroad. In 2019, he received the Tom Schneider Peace Award from the Peace Education Center in recognition for his activism.

Graham Diedrich protest

Believing that he could take his passion for policy to new levels and positively impact the lives of his community, Graham applied for and was enrolled at James Madison College at Michigan State University. This experience has taught him that college is an extremely valuable opportunity: one that should be affordable to everyone who wants it. During university, Graham was an active member of the James Madison College Student Senate.


It was also during this time that he met his now fiancée, Summer. Graham feels fortunate that he was able to find someone whom he will be able to love for his whole life at such an early age. Committed to their success, Graham set a goal for himself: to graduate from university in two years. Despite a worldwide pandemic, full time school schedule, extracurricular demands, and part-time jobs, he managed to attain his International Relations degree at the end of his second summer at Michigan State University. Throughout his college career, Graham worked at the Siera Club, Michigan Democratic Party, and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

Graham and Summer

After graduating from Michigan State University with his undergraduate degree, Graham now attends the university as a graduate student in the Master of Public Policy program.​ In addition to his academic pursuits and organizing career, Graham is a researcher and Policy Affiliate with the MSU Forest Carbon and Climate Program, where he specializes in environmental policy solutions. Graham hopes that the voters of Meridian Township will join him in ushering in a new era of bold, progressive change for all.