Our campaign is made up of a coalition of progressive voices that promote the concerns of working people.




Pat Lindemann
Ingham County Drain Commissioner (D)

Pat Lindemann was first elected as the Ingham County Drain Commissioner in 1992, an office he has redefined to reflect his environmental stewardship ethic and systems approach to drain management. He has made it a point to promote clean water education in projects of all sizes.


Mark Grebner
Ingham County Commissioner (D)

Mark Grebner first served on the Board in 1977, and was selected by board colleagues as Chairperson of the Board of Commissioners in 1997, 2001, 2005 and 2011. Grebner's work as an Ingham County Commissioner includes drafting a comprehensive county ethics policy and supporting public transit initiatives.

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Penelope Tsernoglou
Former Ingham County Commissioner (D)

Penelope Tsernoglou is a mother, attorney, small business owner, and former Ingham County Commissioner. First elected in 2010, her leadership resulted in nearly $40 million in investments and increased services to residents. Her biggest initiatives included the Parks and Trails Millage and the Animal Control Millage.

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Dennis Denno
Candidate for MSU Broad of Trustees (D)

Dennis Denno is a political researcher, small business owner, and former Michigan legislative staffer of over 17 years. He is running for the MSU Board of Trustees for a more transparent board, a $15 minimum wage for all employees, and the recognition of MSU as a valued and necessary community partner.

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Marshall Averill
Candidate for State Representative (D)

Marshall Averill is an AmeriCorps Alumni, educator, and the recipient of a Special Tribute from Michigan's 99th Legislature for his dedication to the Washtenaw County community. He is running in Michigan's 32nd House District to continue his mission of empowering and uplifting marginalized communities.


Jan Shoemaker
Former Haslett High School Teacher

Jan Shoemaker is an essayist, poet, and educator. She is the author of the essay collection, Flesh and Stones: Field Notes from a Finite World, and the poetry collection, The Reliquary Earth. At Haslett High School, she committed herself to her students by standing up for inclusivity, justice, and truth.


Adam DeLay
Former East Lansing City Council Candidate

Adam DeLay is a public policy professional, and former candidate for East Lansing City Council. His experience includes working for Senator Stabenow and Governor Whitmer. In 2021, his progressive campaign focused on restructuring the police department; budgetary issues resulting from the pandemic; and government transparency.


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Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan is the advocacy arm of Planned Parenthood in Michigan. They are committed to ensuring that all people in Michigan have access to the quality, affordable healthcare and sexual health information they need and deserve. PPAM supports candidates who embody these principles.


Michigan Democratic Party Youth Caucus

As the generation poised to take responsibility for the economic, political, and social issues of the future, the perspective of young people will be vital to any policy question. In Michigan, the MDP Youth Caucus is committed to promoting youth involvement in the Michigan Democratic Party and to elect Democrats to public office.  


Michigan Democratic Party LGBT&A Caucus

The Michigan Democratic Party LGBT&A Caucus is composed of members of the LGBT&A community in Michigan who are registered Democrats and/or who care about the advancement of progressive candidates and legislative issues of particular significance to the LGBTQIA+ community. The Caucus endorses candidates with unwavering commitments to justice and equity for all.


Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights

The Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights represents 14,000 carpenters and millwrights across the state of Michigan. They are committed to ensuring prevailing wages, repealing right-to-work legislation, and preventing the wrongful misclassification of the workers they represent.


Our Revolution Michigan

Our Revolution Michigan works to elect progressive candidates and stands up for progressive issues across our community and the state. The organization has been committed to justice since its founding in 2015– taking action in support of affordable healthcare, workers rights, a livable wage, and the climate crisis. 


AFSCME Council 25

The AFSCME is the largest trade union of public employees in the United States. AFSCME endorsed candidates are committed to standing with AFSCME on the issues that matter most to our membership- good paying jobs, secure retirements, affordable healthcare and prescriptions, quality public education, and anti-privatization measures.


Michigan Democratic Party Hispanic Latino Caucus

The Michigan Democratic Party Hispanic Latino Caucus is committed ensuring political representation for Hispanics and Latinos across Michigan. The Caucus supports candidates who have made an effort to reach out to marginalized communities in order to facilitate a government that works for all of us.


Michigan Democratic Party Rural Caucus

The Michigan Democratic Party Rural Caucus ensures a voice for rural communities and works toward addressing the needs of rural Michigan. Since its launch in 2017, the Caucus has been committed to supporting candidates up and down the ballot who advocate for solutions to the climate crisis, rural service deprivation, and income inequality.


Run for Something

Run for Something is a progressive political organization dedicated to recruiting and supporting young candidates running for down-ballot office. Its mission is to get young progressive candidates from non-traditional backgrounds to run for and win state and local offices, and create a next generation slate of political candidates that will seek higher office in the future.

msu dems.jpg

MSU College Democrats

MSU College Democrats is student lead group who aims to empower students in campus, local, state, and national politics by electing Democrats and progressive voices. As a powerful community leader, they have been instrumental in delivering victories for the likes of Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin.



MSU YDSA is the youth and student section of the DSA. In our community, they have organized and fought for the immediate needs of workers and students while building out their capacity to fight for more radical and structural changes in our society. The organization is committed to the principles of racial justice, economic equity, social change, and people-centered climate solutions.


Spartan Solidarity Network

Spartan Solidarity Network is a grassroots organization focused on building student power at Michigan State University. Formerly known as Spartans for Sanders, SSN was pivotal in advocating for student workers, international students, and others at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. They helped to secure "credit-no credit" options for struggling students adjusting to our new normal.


Rising Voices

Formed in 2019, Rising Voices is a fiscally sponsored 501(c4) nonprofit organization that seeks to organize and develop the leadership of Asian American women (cis, trans, gender non-conforming and femme-identifying) and young people for power around progressive values and issues in the state of Michigan.


Michigan Action

Michigan Action is working to create a world where Black, Brown and AAPI Michiganders live to their fullest potential. Committed to youth action on climate change, racial justice, income inequality, and service accessibility, Michigan Advance supports candidates who are committed to representing these communities to the best of their ability.


Repro Health Advocate Marker Button 2022.png

PPAM Sexual and Reproductive Health Champion

The PPAM Sexual and Reproductive Health Campion Distinction is given to candidates who will support and work towards policies that attain true health freedom, and is given to those who acknowledge and seek to dismantle the racist structures that exist not only in health care but in myriad aspects of our lives.


Moms Demand Action
Gun Sense Candidate

The Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate Distinction is meant to demonstrate thousands of voters seeking common sense gun reform that, if elected, a candidate will govern with gun safety in mind. This means they will stand for safer communities and advocate for better gun laws. 


Young Democrats of Michigan

The Young Democrats of Michigan’s mission is to engage people between 16 and 36 years of age in Democratic politics and to promote progressive policies and ideals. The membership base reflects the broad diversity of Michigan and the Democratic Party, including high school students, college students, young workers, professionals and families.