Our campaign is made up of a coalition of progressive voices that promote the concerns of working people.



MSU Young Democratic Socialists of America

Young Democratic Socialists of America is the youth and student section of the Democratic Socialists of America. In our community, they have organized and fought for the immediate needs of workers and students while building out their capacity to fight for more radical and structural changes in our society.


Students United For Palestinian Rights (SUPR)

SUPR is one of the forefront groups in our community advocating for the end of the Israeli occupation and subjugation of the people of Palestine. The goals of the organization including educating the community and fighting for the end of our state's complacency in the struggle for freedom in Palestine. 


U.S. Term Limits

U.S. Term Limits is a non-partisan organization that advocates for the use of an Article V convention to enact a constitutional amendment requiring term limits on the congressional level. Term limits at the federal level would reduce the power of money in politics, give ordinary citizens the chance to run for office, and support the interest of working people.